Monday, January 4, 2016

Donald Trump's first TV Commercial, what can Muslims do about it?

What can we do about Trump's ad Campaign?  | 

Washington, DC, January 5, 2016 -- Perceptions are created through imagery, and the images drive one into taking clumsy actions.  Senior Bush had won against Dukakis through the imagery of Willie Horton, and Junior Bush used the speed boat commercial against John Kerry, both were reprehensible actions, but had won them the elections.  The new political ad from Donald Trump is no different, except that it may create chaos. 

The image of Hijabi woman used in this video poses serious security issues to innocent women wearing Hijab at work place, hospitals, Halls of Congress, Senate, buses, cafeteria or in the Public Square.  To protect the rights of fellow Americans, we may have to deploy more police in every street corner. That is not the America we want to become. 

Two CNN shows on Sunday (1/3/15), laid out the profiles of Trump supporters as uneducated middle income Americans, who are dwindling in numbers, and were referred to as losers.  Americans in general, and Muslims Americans in particular don't like such terms ascribed to fellow Americans.   

They see Trump as a savior who would regain the lost glory from two devastating wars. Who would not want America to do well?
As American Muslims, we take this responsibility seriously, and to do our share of work in restoring the glory days by assuring fellow Americans that we are committed to the safety of every American, we believe, whatever happens to one will happen to the other.  We will also continue to report any one who is a suspect or a threat to the security of our nation, and finally, we will watch out for the tell tale signs of members who are asocial and isolated for no reason.

We are in this together and we will solve our problems together without pitching one American against the other.

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