Sunday, January 15, 2012

Racism and racial profiling

Content development:

We are developing the content for understanding racism and hope to make short documentaries and find solutions to remove this evil from our society to a great extent, it will not go away for a few generations, all we can do is to make an effort to reduce it and bring awareness to the society, how it hurts and affects the overall society. If each one of us can stand up against racism, we will individually contribute towards a better society that we really want to live in.

I just watched the following video, it is worth watching.
I have witnessed three such events in real estate business 
How many times do you find yourselves watching injustice to others?
Should others do that to you?

1. I was discouraged to rent an office space in a posh building in Dallas
2. A prominent Real Estate company denied leasing a home to a lady because she had accent
3. I refused to serve two customers who wanted a neighborhood with no blacks
3. Took a black lawyer to buy a house at a home builder - the words were exactly the same as in the following video

I urge you to share your comments and possibly links with comments towards understanding racism.
Here is a perfect video

Racism Hidden Camera

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