Sunday, January 15, 2012

GLBT LGBT Gays and Lesbians

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There is a bold, unchecked hatred towards the people who are Gay, Lesbians, Bi-Sexual, and transgender. It is just not hatred for them in the play,  but a determined effort to make their lives unlivable.  This is not good for America.

It is embarrassing to watch our presidential candidates’ vitriolic against GLBT’s, yet they subscribe to our constitution where all men are equal, what hypocrisy? This may be a case of pandering to appease to the extreme and primitive interpretations of religions, where God punishes the Gays and lesbians in Bible, Quraan, Torah and other holy books.

For God’s sake, God may not have meant that at all, even if he were, why do we want to act God?

As a society, the only things we should be responsible for are; containment of those who steal, lie, beat others up, disturb peace, damage other’s properties or break the civil contracts between individuals and businesses. What you believe in your heart, what you do in privacy is between you, your conscience and God.

We need to understand this phenomenon and really understand the holy books and God’s words and hold off becoming Gods to other people.

It is in the interest of America to build a cohesive society through dialogue and understanding. As an example, I have share my personal work, together we all can produce work that will mitigate Islamophobia and hope all of us Americans can live without the fear of other that is our goal.

I have participated in many Gay and Lesbian events including fund raising. When Gays and Lesbians meet they do the same thing you and I would do – talk about politics, sports, family, friends, food, and movies. We need to clean our minds from imagining things that aren’t there.

The question is how many of you stood up when you hear Gay bashing? Would you want others to do that to you?  

There is a lot of material; we need precise points in developing the program and content. Please join us.

A few of my personal examples:

In the parliament of world’s religion in 2009, there was a session about GLBT and the house was packed, the presenter was a Chief Judge of one of Australia’s provinces, who was a Gay. In the Q&A session, I spoke up in support of understanding the scriptures correctly and not go by what has been dished out for thousands of years… after the session, several people gathered around me to ask if I was a Gay, I asked them, do I have to be a Jew to defend the humans rights of a Jew? Do I have to be Hindu or a Muslim to defend the rights of Hindus or Muslims? To satisfy their curiosity, I told them that I was as  straight as they were, but I feel it is the right thing to speak out against bigotry, prejudice etc and that is what every religion teaches, including mine; Islam.

I was in a fund raiser for Aid’s at the GLBT gathering at the Love Field Air Museum. There was an Indian fellow out there who was trying to hide from me, he and I were sticking out like sore thumbs in the gathering of nearly 400 people, yet he was attempting to hide, thinking that I will tell the Indian community about his gayness, he may not be as I was not.  The idiot could have equally told about me being there. The important thing is if you are embarrassed with your company because what others say, you will live your whole life in embarrassment. Have the balls to be who you are and be free to live the life you want and let every American live his or her life freely without apprehension, discomfort or the fear.

Share your stories of resistance against bigotry.

Mike Ghouse

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