Sunday, January 15, 2012

Islamophobia, Anti-Muslim phobia

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Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism, Racism, Xenophobia (hatred of Hindus, Buddhist and all others), Islamophobia are expressions of insecurity in men, they are frightened that their way of life will be replaced with something they don’t like. The extremists (Islamophobes, anti-Semitic, racists….) are just a handful among us and we need to take time to understand and lean and share that most of the fears are unfounded.

Islamophobia is a daily staple for the politicians. It’s a shame that a few of our politicians pander to the base emotions of a few to have a political gain, shame on men and women who fall into their trap. If we do not check this evil, it will eat us all out over a period of time.

It is in the interest of America to build a cohesive society through dialogue and understanding. As an example, I have share my personal work, together we all can produce work that will mitigate Islamophobia and hope all of us Americans can live without the fear of other that is our goal.

The question is how many of you stood up when you hear someone maligning Muslims, would you want others to do that to you? Do you know if it is the truth?

The origins of organized Islamophobia go back the 11th century.

Please share how we can mitigate the prevalent Islamaphobic thoughts in the market.  

The biggest story of 2011 is the Islamophobes pushing Lowes to pull out their sponsorship of America Muslims, a reality show depicting Normal day to day Muslims who are not different than others. The Family association of Florida wanted a depiction of terrorism…

There is a lot of material; we need precise points in developing the program and content. Please join us.

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