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This is the most common form of ignorance that surfaces every minute of the day in our lives. Our freedom to think is lost when we stereotype people and fall in ditch when we justify it. If we want others to treat as fairly, we have to do it too.

If I murder someone, it is my heinie that needs to be hauled off to the jail and mete out the deserved punishment under the law and serve justice. Stereo typing in this instance would be to blame my race, parents, siblings, spouse, nationality or religion, it is dumb isn’t it? Yet we do it and let others do it without even imploring them to think. What has India or Islam got to do with my criminal act?  

Shame on you and I to allow the mind to believe that the murder by a black man allows us to gossip that blacks are criminals, and start justifying some creepy facts to suit our beliefs.  Oh well, the educated ones are not… that is even wronger than the first statement…Are all white people ruthless and war mongers? Are Muslims terrorists? Jews will get you one way or the other?

Catch yourselves in your stereotyping, where you make judgments about a people

Reaction of Americans when a Muslim is mistreated.



The media's manipulative influence over your morals.

·                     Anti-Semitism
·                     GLBT Conference
·                     Islamophobia
·                     Native Americans
·                     Quraan Conference
·                     Racial Profiling
·                     Sharia
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