Saturday, March 3, 2012

America Together on Sean Hannity show

I am pleased to see America Together Foundation plugged in every where. Thanks to Sean Hannity and Dallas Morning News for giving us continuous recognition. Please note, our organization is for every American of every faith, every ethnicity, race and political persuasion. I hope to be on Rachel Maddow show as well. We are all in this together and we have build a cohesive America for all of us. Read more in the About link on the left. 

By: Dave Chaffin | Yesterday
Rep. Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney

All you “Great Americans”, listen up. Hannity has another great guest line-up.

5:05pm MST Governor Mitt Romney will discuss the upcoming Michigan and Arizona Primaries and his belief that opponent Rick Santorum is an “economic lightweight”

6:05pm MST Brigitte Gabriel of Act for America and Mike Ghouse of the America Together Foundation are here to debate events unfolding in Afghanistan over the accidental burning of Korans. Our guests will discuss President Obama’s apology to President Karzai and react to Anjem Choudary’s radical comments from yesterday’s program.

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