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Palestine Statehood must be approved by the UN

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PRESIDENT OBAMA, YOU MUST PASS THE VOTE NOWGood for Israel, good for Palestine and good for America

September 18, 2011 (Dallas, Texas). Mike Ghouse, President of America Together Foundation urges President Obama not to VETO the approval of statehood for the Palestine at the United Nations. It will do more damage to America’s stature in the community of nations besides keeping Israel in the state of anxiety until another Truman is born.

The following two videos are released on the occasion for the United Nations Vote on September 20, 2011


The real enemies of Israel are those who are milking monies in the name of Israel. It is business to them, they are the Madoffs whose sincerity to Israel is doubtful but loyalty to cashing in the name of Israel is certain.

Shamelessly, anti-Semitism continues to operate under the radar in the United States. Not a month passes here in the United States without the markings of Anti-Semitism. Some one’s house is painted with Swastika, someone yells at them “you people” or opens the fire in the Holocaust Museum or demonstrates hateful placards like “Christ Killers”, there are still a few Christians out there who cannot shake this off from their DNA.

Recognition of Palestine will put an end to the phobias and fears. The Jewish anxieties will subside when they realize for the second time in their history (first one was creation of Israel) that they are able to live a life of justice, which is a central tenet of Judaism that they had abandoned for security. It will free their psyche. It will have a domino effect, one by one, the Arab nations will recognize Israel’s right to exist over a few years. It simply means acceptance of Israel and a welcome call to the neighborhood.

Jews need sincerity and not duplicity to feel secure. Let’s recognize Palestine and continue the peace process. It will abate the strife between Jews and Muslims and restore the cordiality that existed prior to the World War I. It is good for Israel, good for Palestine, good for America and good for the Middle East and the World.

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